How To: Adapt your Flash content to fit multiple screens

Adapt your Flash content to fit multiple screens

Flash can play on a laptop screen, a mobile device or even a wide-screen HD televsion. A Flash developer needs to make sure that, whatever your video is, you have coded it so that it can still play on any size screen without losing any content.

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Thank you! ur awesome!!!

I am having a question , please If I I have an android app using flash cs6 as3 Adobe prof. and there is so many buttons and objects , do I have to move all of them to the stage. Is here an action script to scall all the content of the stage , scenes to fit the screen for the user. I know how to do it by selecting from the Menu ..Modify..Document then I change the size width and height click

"Scale content with stage" then it will change the stage but I want by using AS3 code, please.. I am working on it alone.

Could you please explain how to do the same by using ActionScript 2.0

I think I can do that , because action Script 3.0 it uses command that 2 does not use.

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