How To: Create a 360 view using Flash CS3

Create a 360 view using Flash CS3

360 degree panoramic viewers are a staple of all kinds of websites from real estate to auto sales. This video will teach you how to create a a 360 degree view that will display on your website using Flash CS3 and Actionscript 3. Don't restrict your users to just one photo, let them see all of whatever you're showing them with the tools your learn in this video.

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This is brilliant and I am wanting to use this method on creating a portfolio section on a website but I have been wracking my brains out trying to figure out if I can have multiple MovieClips on a page.

If I duplicate the code with different names for my movie clips I get told off for duplications and I have also tried to have to code affect all my movie clips such as.

var frameTo:Number=0;

addEventListener (Event.ENTER_FRAME,goTo);

function goTo(e:Event) :void{


and I receive this error "TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties."

Can you help me?

That error basically means one of the objects your referencing (probably one of the movie clips) doesn't exist at that point. Make sure you don't have any type-os when referencing your movie clip names. If they're all correct, make sure those movie clips are all loaded by the time the ENTER_FRAME event is firing. If that is the case, try adding _root. before referencing your movie clips from within the goTo function. If they're not on the root, use the full path. You should be able to use trace() to see which movie clip is undefined when the goTo function is getting called.

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