How To: Create a 3D page flip effect using Flash CS4

Create a 3D page flip effect using Flash CS4

The 3D page flip is one of the coolest and most underutilized effects that you can put on your website using Flash CS4. You may also know it from the iPod interface. This video will teach you how to create the effect yourself with Flash and Actionscript 3, giving your websites greatly increased accessibility and flair.

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Question: How can you identify what type of action script you will choose to make that effect or any kind of effects in the first place. Thanks…. If ever you are not familiar with action script using Flash.

Great effect and would love to use it for my online design portfolio. I'm getting errors in my code. Comparing to yours but don't see the error. Where can I find the code for the page flip so I can copy and paste? Thanks!

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