How To: Create draggable masks in Flash

Create draggable masks in Flash

1. In the Flash Application go to new and select Flash File ActionScript 3.0. 2. Change the stage size to 600*450(width and height) in the property section. 3. Then goto file import image and select the background image. 4. Rename the layer1 to image and go to modify->convert to symbol and name that as mac-clip 5. Create two new layers namely Mask and As. 6. In the Mask layer draw a poly star image and convert it to movie clip symbol 7. Select As layer go to windows-> action, then add the event listener code to that mask poly star image 8. Make the Poly Start Image blur using filters in the properties. 9. Then click F9 and press Ctrl+Enter and view the drag-gable Mask.

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