How To: Create a sound on/off button in Flash

Create a sound on/off button in Flash

Tasktutorial teaches you how to create a sound on/off button using Flash. Name the first layer Actionscript. Go to frame 1, then window - actions. Add stop(); Go to frame 2, then window - actions. Add stopallsounds(); Create a new layer and select the text tool. Write off on. Change the color to black. Select the text and hit CTRL + B to break apart the letters. Select off, hit F8 and select convert to button. Name it off. Do the same for on, but name it on. Double click to open the off button. Go to frame down and change the text color to red. Do the same for on. Go to frame 1 and select off. Go to window - actions and add on (release) ( nextframe(); ) Copy this text, select on, go to window - actions and switch nextframe for prevframe. Create a new layer and import a sound file. Go to frame 2 and insert a blank keyframe. Finally, go to control - test movie.

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