How To: Make a banner in Adobe Flash CS3

Make a banner in Adobe Flash CS3

In this video the instructor shows how to make a banner is Adobe Flash CS3. To do this open Adobe Fireworks and create a new document. Set the canvas size to 468 pixels in width and 50 pixels in height. This size is perfect to produce a good banner. Now using a rectangle too select the whole document. First choose a background color according to your preference. Now this can be used as a background to your banner. Now open flash and create a new project choosing a banner template. Now go to stage, right click and import your background. Now create a new layer and add text to it that you want your banner to contain. Select a good font and other settings. Now drag the story frame to 60 seconds and insert key frame from the right click menu. Also create motion tween from the right click menu which completes your required banner. This video shows how to make your own banners.

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