How To: Use ActionScript 2.0 and Flash 8 Professional

Use ActionScript 2.0 and Flash 8 Professional

Shown here is another video tutorial made possible through TutVid. In this video, you are learning the basics of Action Scripting in Flash. This lesson is titled "Action Scripting:101." Action scripting is one of the coolest thing about flash. The thing that makes flash special is the ability to make simple actions interactive. Flash possibilities are endless!

_first, to follow this tutorial, you must use Action Scripting 2.0.
_there are several places you will put your actions, 1) buttons or 2) key frames.
_you will type all of your action scripting in the action palette.
_things to keep in mind, scripts are case sensitive and scripts will not work correctly if things aren't written with the correct case.
_you know if your code is working if it changes color.
_flash gives you word prediction and gives you direction.
_learn to make text strings, activate buttons, create instances.
_learn to use frame labels.
_there are several types of events: 1) mouse 2)keyboard 3)frame 4)movieclip 5) buttons.
_make sure you test your scripting by going back into your work and physically testing your buttons.

If you're interested in learning a few basic, but essential steps to get started in the world of action scripting, and flash, this tutorial is the ideal introduction!

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