How To: Use basic drawing & selection tools in Adobe Flash

Use basic drawing & selection tools in Adobe Flash

The drawing tools in flash aren't always the most intuitive to newcomers. In this tutorial, Ralf will show you how to use the basic drawing tools in flash. You learn the difference between Merge Shapes and Drawn Objects, which are all shapes of the same look and feel with the exception that one can be more easily manipulated and the other. You'll learn how to use this selection and sub selection tools to select various objects on the flash stage. You also see how to use the oval and rectangle shape tools, along with the brush stroke and pencil tools, to create shapes that can be either Drawn Objects, which cannot be easily destroyed when overlapping over other objects, as well as Merge Shapes, which can be altered when overlaid over other shapes other Merge Shapes. Ralf includes various tips and tricks that you might find helpful to avoid headaches caused by the altering of Merge Shapes.

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