How To: Use getURL in Actionscript in Flash

Use getURL in Actionscript in Flash

How to Use getURL in Actionscript in Flash

1. This video shows how to use getURL in Flash ActionScript. 2. Create a new flash application and draw a circle with blue color using tools. 3. Place a text box over the circle and enter the text inside the text box. 4. Then make that circle and text box a button object using the "convert to symbol" menu. 5. Then open the action script window. 6. Create a variable named "url" with string value named Wen Arene. 7. Then create UrlRequest object. 8. Then add a button click event listener for that circle object. 9 Add a user defined function called gotoForum and use a method navigate ToURL with request object. 10. Then run the file and press the button to open the url in a web browser.

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