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Forum Thread: How Do We Create Shoshkele Banner in Flash?

i want to understand about shoshkele banner and how do we create it in flash. Here what i know about it... "An animated banner ad that uses objects that overlay the Web page. They often start out as small objects that emerge from somewhere on the page and then enlarge and move around in some fashion. The objects eventually disappear or wind up as a static image."

Forum Thread: How to Import Swf from Program Other Than Flash cs5 into Flash Catalyst

This is my first time here i found this site after hours of looking for an answer if anyone knows im sure sombody here does. i made a slide show in a program like wonder slide or somthing and it turned into a swf, which i use on my dreamweaver site but I would like to know how to import it into flash catalyst so i can it have it play on command from a button inside of flash catalyst. Also how can i link to an unpublished html page made in dreamweaver from flash catalyst. Thanks in advance I a...

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