How To: Create an Adobe Flash Preloader Screen

Create an Adobe Flash Preloader Screen

An Adobe Flash preloader screen is something anyone who has browsed a website is familiar with: It's that "Loading" bar that you encounter before a Flash-heavy site pops up. Sometimes all you see is a simple "Loading" bar, and other times it's much more interactive and interesting (like an hourglass where the sand drops down until you get to 100% page loaded).

You can produce your very own Flash preloader by checking out this video. You'll need Adobe Flash CS4 and an existing Actionscript 3.0 website.

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The clip is loading and loading again and never starts the next frame why? it gives me the following error:TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.
at header3_fla::MainTimeline/preload1()

to NarekTerhovansian I was able to play the video fine. You should try a different browser. Im using Firefox 4 rc.

I haven't tried this out yet but the tutorial was well edited, direct, and easy to follow. Nice!

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