How To: Password protect a portion of a timeline in Flash

Password protect a portion of a timeline in Flash

Need to protect a section of your overall flash content (say movie or slideshow) from unauthorized access, learn how to do so in this video. The basic steps to so consist of the following: 1) Select the timeline (section) of the flash content that you want to protect. 2) Add a stop command to the beginning of the section so that the content stops playing at the required frame. 3) Create the required interface for password entry (viz text boxes, labels, buttons etc). 4) Create an error message display text in case the wrong combination of username and password is entered. 5) Code the required events and procedure to execute the functions properly viz display the protect content if the password and username is correct or display the error message if he password and username is wrong. Watch this video for an elaborate explanation and demonstration of the above steps.

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