How To: Create a big to small text animation in Flash

Create a big to small text animation in Flash

A great free video training from tasktutorial on how to create a cool movie text effect in Flash. Start by creating the text; type in "cool", rename the layer and lock it. Now type "movie" and rename the layer. Type in "effect" and rename this layer as well. Now focus on the first layer. Convert it to movie clip. Now convert the other two layers to movie clips as well. Stack the three layers on top of each other. Next add a key frame starting from frame 10. Select the "cool" layer. Re-size it by using the free transform tool and lock it. Now re-size the "movie layer" and finally the third layer. Create a motion tween. Now drag and drop the frames on the time line to distribute them. Add additional key frames. Select color, alpha and 0 percent. Lastly do the same on the other two layers. The movie effect is now ready and can be tested.

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